You are currently viewing What Is The Meaning Of These Warning Lights In The Car? Car Light Symbols Meaning
What is the meaning of these warning lights in the car? Car light symbols meaning

What Is The Meaning Of These Warning Lights In The Car? Car Light Symbols Meaning

Car Light Symbols Meaning

Buying a nice and big car is everyone’s dream. However, many people do not pay attention to the maintenance of the car even after buying it. Due to this, there are frequent disturbances in his car. However, the cars of this time have become very advanced. Companies are now offering many such features in cars, so that you can keep a constant eye on its condition. For this, many warning lights are given in the dashboard and speedometer box of the car. These lights alert before any technical fault occurs in any components or machinery in the car. For example, if the door of your car is not closing properly, then that door-open warning light starts burning. Similarly, if there is some fault in the engine, then the engine system warning light will alert you. There are many such lights which have different meanings, today we will tell you in detail about these warning lights.

Engine Warning Light

Engine Warning Light:

If this light starts burning in the car, then understand that there is something wrong with your engine. You immediately reach an official car service center and get the fault rectified.

Service Reminder Light

Service Reminder Light:

Cars require maintenance from time to time. Many times due to negligence, you are not able to get the servicing done on time. In such a situation, the service reminder light proves to be very useful. This light will come on whenever your car needs servicing.

Door Open Warning Light

Door Open Warning Light:

If one of the doors of your car is not closing properly, then this light will start burning. In some cars, this system has been upgraded even further, so that you get a signal even in case of a door that is not closed properly, or has a technical fault.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Oil Pressure Warning Light:

The low oil pressure light comes on when the oil in the engine is low. If you get such a warning while driving, get the car checked properly before taking it for a long ride and take it to a mechanic or service center if necessary.

ABS Light

ABS Light:

If there is something wrong with your car’s anti-lock braking system, then this warning light will start burning. Along with balanced braking, it is very important for the ABS system to be active in the car for safe driving. Therefore, on receiving such a warning, immediately take your vehicle to the nearest service center. 

Cruise Control Light

Cruise Control Light:

This light comes on only when you start the cruise control function in your car.

Automatic Shift Lock

Automatic Shift Lock:

In an automatic car, it is necessary to press the brake while shifting gear from neutral. Sometimes car drivers do not do this. In this situation, the automatic shift lock warning light will come on.

Hand brake icon

Hand brake icon:

Whenever you pull the hand brake of the car, this light starts burning. If this light is on even after pulling the hand brake, then understand that there is something wrong with the braking system and get it rectified immediately.

Fog Lamp Icon

Fog Lamp Icon:

If you switch on the fog lamp system, then the light connected to it on the speedometer starts flashing.

Security Alert

Security Alert:

To protect the vehicle from theft, most keys have started coming with an internal chip. In the car, the warning light connected to this starts burning when the key is unable to read this chip. In such a situation, your car will not start until you get the chip in the key fixed.

Airbag Icon

Airbag Icon:

If the light connected to it is not burning even after the car is started, then understand that there is something wrong with the airbag system. To get this problem rectified, immediately visit an official service center.

Seat Belt Icon

Seat Belt :

Power Steering Goods Function

Power Steering Goods Function:

This warning light comes on when the oil level in the power steering fluid reservoir is low. Even after getting it rectified, if this warning light is still visible, then show your vehicle to the nearest garage or an authorized car service center.

Battery Alert

Battery Alert:

The battery warning light alerts you whenever there is any technical fault in the battery used in the car.




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