Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Tyre Price List In India
Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Tyre Price List In India

Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Tyre Price List In India

If you are planning to buy a hatchback or have been an owner of many hatchbacks in past, Maruti Suzuki Swift has definitely been one of your choices. Swift has ruled the four-wheeler market with its high comfort, sleek looks, and efficient pricing. With its introductory models to newly-launched ones, the car didn’t disappoint anybody. With such an in-demand vehicle, the demand for the parts of the vehicle also rises. One of which is Tyre. The demand for tyres of Maruti Suzuki Swift have been rising high and why not? After all, the tyres can make or break the look of a vehicle. So, let’s have a look at the prices of the tyres which are available in the market for the Maruti Suzuki Swift and you can decide yourself how much budget do you need for your Swift.

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Maruti Suzuki Swift Tyre Prices –

This stylish and elegant car comes in these tyre size which are 165/80 R14 and 185/65 R15, Different variants demand different tyre sizes, so have a look at the size of the tyre for your variant.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Tyre
Car Variant(2018-19)Tyre SizePrize Range (Rs.)
LDi165/80 R142700-4600
LXi165/80 R142700-4600
VDi165/80 R142700-4600
VDi AMT165/80 R142700-4600
VXi165/80 R142700-4600
VXi AMT165/80 R142700-4600
ZDi185/65 R153900-5900
ZDi AMT185/65 R153900-5900
ZDi Plus185/65 R153900-5900
ZDi Plus AMT185/65 R153900-5900
ZXi185/65 R153900-5900
ZXi AMT185/65 R153900-5900
ZXi Plus AMT185/65 R153900-5900

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Maruti Suzuki Swift is though available in 2 different sizes. The above table shows the two sizes which come in the new variants of 2018-2019.  The Yokohama Earth 1, Goodyear Duraplus, Apollo Amazer 4G, Yokohama Earth1 E400, Bridgestone S248, CEAT Fuel Smart, MRF ZV2K, Michelin Energy XM2 are some of the well-known tyres with long life, newly built tread pattern and strong wet grip, and are available in both the sizes.

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You can choose among the wide range of tyres which are available in the market and can even buy car tyres online at cheaper rates. Buy tyres that offer you safety and are fuel-efficient since Maruti Suzuki Swift is available in the market in petrol and diesel in-line options. The fourth generation of Maruti Suzuki is soon going to be launched in India that will add to more tyre options for your vehicle. Buy a car tyre after checking your vehicle’s need and that best fits your car.

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