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265/60 R18  GOODYEAR Efficient Grip Performance Suv


Efficient Grip Performance Suv 265/60 R18

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GOODYEAR - Efficient Grip Performance Suv

Width 265 Aspect Ratio 60
Rim diameter in inches 18 Load Index 110
Compatible Cars Warranty Clause
Speed Rating V Tubeless Yes


Efficient Grip Performance Suv 265/60 R18


The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance SUV is a 4-wheel-drive tire designed for off-road use. It boasts of quietness, maximum comfort and superior wet performance. It reduces road noise and provides long-lasting ride comfort without compromising safety – the hallmark of all Goodyear tyres.

Features and benefits:

  1. QuietTred Technology

Increased Number of Pitches and Optimized Distribution

What it Does
Reduced block sizes help to lower the impact and radiated

    2. Closed Grooves & Shoulder Design

What it Does
Low radiated noise generated through reduced radial air pumping
helps lower the exterior and interior noise level, and provide a quiet ride.

      3. Optimized Cavity Shape & Non-Skid Distribution

What it Does
Optimized footprint shape and pressure distribution resulted in less vibrations and regular wear throughout tyre life.

     2. FlexContact Technology

Shock Absorbing Cushion Layer Compound with Optimized Formulation

What it Does
Under tread base compound with reduced hysteresis which helps avoid road-induced block movements and reduce tyre vibration. noise.

    5. Heavy Gauge under Tread & Barrier Gum Strip

What it Does
Increased insulation of tyre structure on the road for better damping and lesser vibration.

      6. Hexagonal Bead

What it Does
An innovative bead shape to enhance rim contact and reduce vibration.

     7.   Excellent Wet Performance

High-Performance Cap Compound with Leading Edge Technology

What it Does
New innovative polymers with optimized microstructure for increased grip in wet road conditions.

     8. Wider and Reinforced Shoulder Blocks

What it Does
Increased contact area during braking.

     9. Wider Centerline Sipes

What it Does
Balance the contact area and water evacuation route to improve both wet braking and curved aquaplaning.

   10. High-Performance Cap Compound with Leading Edge Technology

What it Does
Increased intramolecular bonding for precise steering response.

   11. Rim Flange Protector

What it Does
There will be more material on the sidewall to protect the rim and tyre against road curbs.

Overall Benefits of Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance SUV:

  • Exceptional Quiet Performance: The QuietTred Technology used for the EfficientGrip Performance SUV, consists
    a noise-dampening advanced tread and carcass design that provides improved noise performances as
    the tyre wears. This delivers a quieter and more comfortable ride.
  • Better Comfort Performance: The FlexContact Technology used for the EfficientGrip Performance SUV, has
    a shock-absorbing cushion layer compound that lowers tyre vibration in order to reduce the impact
    of road irregularities, providing for a smoother and more comfortable drive.
  • Excellent Wet Performance: The EfficientGrip Performance SUV has new innovative polymers with optimized
    microstructure for increased grip in wet road conditions, along with wider and reinforced shoulder
    blocks to increase braking performance.



Q. Where can I see all tyres for size 265/60 R18?


Answer. See from here - 265/60 R18

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Worry Free Service is an independent service which is in addition to Goodyear India Warranty Policy (“Warranty Program”).The Warranty Program is applicable on every tyre & tube manufactured and/or marketed by “Goodyear India Ltd”. The Warranty Program Terms & Conditions are :


* The Worry Free Service is not at all a Warranty in terms of Warranty Program; however Worry Free Service is a Service over and above the Warranty Program. Customers buying any WFS Tyres, mentioned below during the period from 1st Feb 2020 to 31st Dec 2020 (both dates included) shall be eligible for BOTH:

* The Warranty Program (for 5 years from the date of manufacturing); and

* The Worry Free Service (for 2 years from the date of invoice OR up to 50% of treadwear, whichever is earlier)

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 Worry Free Service – Terms & Conditions

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* Worry Free Service shall be applicable and provided / serviced to Customers having completed the registration process at the time of purchase of WFS Tyres during the period\from 1st Feb 2020 to 31st Dec 2020. (REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY FOR AVAILMENT OF WORRY FREE).

WFS Tyres may be replaced on pro rata basis in the case of:

* Run flat / deflation damage

* Fitment damage

* Non – repairable tyres (through cuts and damage on the tread area)

* Non – repairable tyres (through cuts and damage on sidewall area) Impact brake damage

* Nail holes, repairable/ minor damage as confirmed by a Goodyear’s tyre Expert (subject to inspection of the WFS tyre, intentional damage, uneven/ irregular wear (eg. one sided wear due to faulty alignment) etc. WOULD NOT be covered under Worry Free Service.

TUBES are not covered under Worry Free Service.

The Worry Free Service is applicable on aftermarket tyres only.

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