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235/65 R17  YOKOHAMA Rv02 BluEarth


Rv02 BluEarth 235/65 R17

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YOKOHAMA - Rv02 BluEarth

Width 235 Aspect Ratio 65
Rim diameter in inches 17 Load Index 108
Compatible Cars Warranty Clause
Speed Rating V Tubeless Yes


Rv02 BluEarth 235/65 R17


About yokohama RV02 BluEarth


The Yokohama BluEarth RV02 is a tyre designed for fuel-efficiency. Thanks to its squarer profile and new tread pattern, it also delivers improved driving performance while ensuring ride stability and safe handling.

Engineered to meet the new needs of the SUV market, a segment experiencing strong growth and demanding ever higher performance.

The tyre uses an original polymer blend compound with micro-silica and orange oil. This “nano blend compound” provides a precise balance of superior grip, low rolling resistance, high fuel efficiency and long tyre life. Yokohama promises increased stability and reduced noise emissions for tall and heavy vehicles, and the refined tread design minimises vibration in the cabin and improves passenger comfort.

Most sizes of the new Yokohama tyre have received a “C” grade for fuel efficiency on the EU tyre label. The tyre’s impressive wet performance allowed it to secure an A grade for wet-grip.

With this more flexible rubber compound, Yokohama’s tyre promises stable driving performance and safer handling. This is thanks to the larger contact area between the tyre and the road, which significantly reduces uneven wear.


Key Features & Benefits:


  • Anti-wobble and low noise

Yokohama Rv02 BluEarth

        (A) Twin Power Ribs 

            ■ Provides highly stable handling      ■ Diagonally cut grooves improve water-drainage performance

        (B) Power Inside Shoulder

           ■ Provides highly stable handling       ■ Reduces uneven wear

        (C) Four Straight Grooves

          ■ Improve straight-line driving stability   ■ Excellent hydroplaning resistance

        (D) Grand Silent Shoulder

          ■ Designed with noise-suppressing grooves   ■ Reduces uneven wear and wobbling

       (E) 3D Sipes

          ■ Two types of differently shaped sipes disperse tyre noise   ■ Reduces uneven tread wear

         Yokohama Rv02 BluEarth          Yokohama Rv02 BluEarth

        (F) Silent Edge Grooves

          ■ Grooves cut into the inner sides of the ribs reduce the pass by noise


       Dimple and smooth shoulder design

        Yokohama Rv02 BluEarth


  •     Anti-uneven wear


                             Yokohama Rv02 BluEarth


   (A) Our standard tyres :

         Pressure is applied dispropor-tionately to both sides of the ribs, which leads to uneven wear.   

   (B) BluEarth RV-02 :      

         Evenly distributed contact pressure helps prevent uneven wear.   


 Yokohama Rv02 BluEarthYokohama Rv02 BluEarth

         (1)  Before contact           (2) During contact            (3) Treads               (4)  Road surface


         Excellent wet performance:

               Nano-blend rubber designed specially for BluEarth RV-02 tyres (simulated image showing molecular structure)

          ■  Double Silica                                                                       

              Two types of silica are used: silica to enhance braking performance on wet surfaces, and silica to improve fuel efficiency.

          ■  Blend Polymer

              A multiple-polymer blend is used in pursuit of improved braking on wet surfaces, lower fuel consumption and increased wear resistance.


            Yokohama Rv02 BluEarth

Q. Where can I see all tyres for size 235/65 R17?


Answer. See from here -  235/65 R17

1.WHAT TYRE IS WARRANTED (AND HOW LONG):  Yokohama Passenger car tyres and SUV tyres which have been manufactured withing 60 Months are warranted against unserviceable conditions arising due to manufacturing defect other than the damages specified on ITEM 2 Warranty in proportion to treadwear: 

A. If a YOKOHAMA tyre becomes unserviceable under the specified conditions , it will be warranted on a treadwear prorated basis. 

B. Treadwear is computed by a percentage of the groove depth between original groove depth and remaining groove depth.

2. WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY : YOKOHAMA tyres are not warranted against any damage due to user's faults as follows: 

A. Tyres damaged by road hazards (stones, nails, glass, potholes, kerbs, etc) or impact damage or by fire or accidents. 

B. Tyres damaged due to improper inflation pressure or having been run while flat .

C. Tyres with premature or irregular wear due to improper inflation pressure.

D. Tyres with premature or irregular wear due to defective mechanical conditions of the vehicle , including misalignment , wheel imbalance , and faulty suspension or brakes etc . 

E. Tyres in an out-of-round condition after the first  20% of usable groove depth.

F. Tyres worn out: 1.6mm or less of remaining groove depth.

G. Improper application of tyres size and/or specification.

H. Tyres which have been retreaded of repaired. 

Tyres suffered flat spot while immobile.

J. Tyres damaged from improper mounting / Demounting practices.


3. EXCLUSION: All obligations or liabilities for loss of time, inconvenience , loss of use of vehicle or other incidental or consequential damages are hereby excluded. 

4. ADJUSTMENT BY TREAD WEAR PROPORTION : Tyres adjustable under this warranty program shall be adjusted on pro-rata basis wherein amount to be compensated shall be calculated based on remaining tread depth measurement. 

5. ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE : Claim against the tyre which has become unserviceable within the terms of the warranty program shall be lodged with an authorized YOKOHAMA dealer . The decision made by the audthoerized YOKOHAMA India Pvt Ltd . Representative in accessing the failure shall be final . Tyres rejected for any claim as per warranty program remain the property of the consumer and YOKOHAMA shall not be liable for loss or damage to the same . Tyres adjusted under this warranty program shall become the property of YOKOHAMA India Pvt. Ltd. All service charges , taxes , mounting and balancing charges shall be borne by the consumer , liability of the company is limited only to the cost of the tyre on pro-rata basis. 

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