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265/65 R17  GOODYEAR Wrangler Triplemax


Wrangler Triplemax 265/65 R17

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GOODYEAR - Wrangler Triplemax

Width 265 Aspect Ratio 65
Rim diameter in inches 17 Load Index 112
Compatible Cars Warranty Clause
Speed Rating H Tubeless Yes


Wrangler Triplemax 265/65 R17


With consumer-driven needs at the center of its tyre innovations, the new Wrangler TripleMax provides peace-of-mind for a safer drive, keeping families more secure across any road condition. Goodyear developed the Wrangler TripleMax with an improved version of its proprietary HYDROGRIP Technology. Its innovative tread design, optimized carcass, and high grip compound deliver shorter wet braking performance. Designed for mid-size SUVs, the Wrangler TripleMax delivers Superior Braking Performance, Shorter Wet Braking and Road Hazard Resistant features, offering a safer and more fun driving experience with the family

Features and Benefits:

1. Large Blocks with high number of biting edges

This provides an increased contact to road asperity.

Consumer Benefit:

Better braking and grip on wet & dry roads.


2. Wide Face Cavity

 This offers a large surface contact and concentrates pressure distribution on the Key Block element during braking.

 Consumer benefit:

Better braking and grip on wet & dry roads.

3. Optimized Cavity and 5-Rib Tread matching

This provides an increased road contact area through a robust footprint shape and pressure distribution.

Optimized cavity and 5-rib tread matching

2-ply construction in the sidewall area

 Consumer benefit:

Enhanced braking performance and longer mileage.


4. Tread Compound

The customized formulation of the tread compound, through an enhanced ESBR (Emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Rubber), is for multipurpose performance, with focus on safe wet braking.

 Consumer benefit:

Better braking and grip on wet and dry roads and maintained good overall performance.

5. 2-Ply construction in the sidewall area

 Consumer benefit:

 Tougher carcass for increased protection against road hazards.

6. Strengthened Carcass Cords

The reinforced material of carcass cords provides increased resistance to potholes and impacts.

  Consumer benefit:

 Tougher carcass for increased protection against road hazards.

7. Rim Flange Protector

With more material on the sidewall, rims and tyres are protected against road hazards.

  Consumer benefit:

Protects rims and tyres from damage.

8. Reinforced crown area

Reinforced with two layers of Ultra High Tensile steel belt, it increases at the edges and offers additional fabric protection layers.

  Consumer benefit:

 Increased longevity and ensures a safe ride.

Available sizes:

DIMENSION RIM SIZE Vehicle Fitment List
235/70R16 106 H 16 Mahindra Scorpio/Thar, Tata Hexa / Harrier* / Aria/Grande/Safari
235/65R17 104 H 17 Mahindra XUV500/Hawk/Scorpio, Tata Aria, Tata Harrier*

*Tata Harrier is a new fitment expected to be in the market in 2019.


Q. Where can I see all tyres for size 265/65 R17?


Answer. See from here - 265/65 R17


                                  WORRY FREE SERVICE

 About Worry Free Service


Worry Free Service is an independent service which is in addition to Goodyear India Warranty Policy (“Warranty Program”).The Warranty Program is applicable on every tyre & tube manufactured and/or marketed by “Goodyear India Ltd”. The Warranty Program Terms & Conditions are :


* The Worry Free Service is not at all a Warranty in terms of Warranty Program; however Worry Free Service is a Service over and above the Warranty Program. Customers buying any WFS Tyres, mentioned below during the period from 1st Feb 2020 to 31st Dec 2020 (both dates included) shall be eligible for BOTH:

* The Warranty Program (for 5 years from the date of manufacturing); and

* The Worry Free Service (for 2 years from the date of invoice OR up to 50% of treadwear, whichever is earlier)

*Customers buying any tyre, not included in the list of WFS Tyres, shall only be covered under Goodyear India Warranty Policy (“Warranty Program”).


 Worry Free Service – Terms & Conditions

* This service is applicable on WFS Tyres presented for inspection within a period of 2 years from the date of the invoice (issued during the period 1st Feb 2020 to 31st Dec 2020) OR WFS Tyres with up to 50% of the treadwear (as confirmed by a Goodyear’s tyre Expert subject to inspection of the tyre), whichever is earlier.

* Worry Free Service shall be applicable and provided / serviced to Customers having completed the registration process at the time of purchase of WFS Tyres during the period\from 1st Feb 2020 to 31st Dec 2020. (REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY FOR AVAILMENT OF WORRY FREE).

WFS Tyres may be replaced on pro rata basis in the case of:

* Run flat / deflation damage

* Fitment damage

* Non – repairable tyres (through cuts and damage on the tread area)

* Non – repairable tyres (through cuts and damage on sidewall area) Impact brake damage

* Nail holes, repairable/ minor damage as confirmed by a Goodyear’s tyre Expert (subject to inspection of the WFS tyre, intentional damage, uneven/ irregular wear (eg. one sided wear due to faulty alignment) etc. WOULD NOT be covered under Worry Free Service.

TUBES are not covered under Worry Free Service.

The Worry Free Service is applicable on aftermarket tyres only.

Worry Free Service – Terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force, in India and the courts of New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to entertain all disputes arising herein.

Goodyear India Limited and its affiliates (“Goodyear”) reserve the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of “Worry Free Service” without having any obligation or Prior notice.

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