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275/55 R19  PIRELLI Scorpion Zero


Scorpion Zero 275/55 R19

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PIRELLI - Scorpion Zero

Width 275 Aspect Ratio 55
Rim diameter in inches 19 Load Index 111
Compatible Cars Warranty Clause
Speed Rating V Tubeless Yes


Scorpion Zero 275/55 R19



The new tread design assures maximum performance in every season and driving condition, providing both excellent grip and traction.

  •  Curved sipes in the internal blocks allow better traction on wet roads, leading to increased safety and control.
  •  High sipe density: over 30m of sipes (93% more than the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico) provide excellent grip and traction in winter season, resulting in a great performance in the presence of snow.
  •  An optimized tread design with curved grooves and bridges leads to noticeable noise reduction for improved driving comfort.
  • Four longitudinal grooves for an excellent water expulsion and the external one being smaller to provide pattern adaptability for increased safety on dry surfaces. Lower tread depth to increase dry braking performance without compromising wear performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pirelli P Zero is developed with three wide longitudinal grooves that offer a rapid water ejection ensuring safety under wet setup.
  • It is equipped with ‘S-shaped’ grooves ensuring adequate pressure dissemination allowing better braking and handling at high speeds.
  • Engineered with an all-new Nano-composite compound it delivers superior traction as well as pronounced stability.
  • Renowned for performing remarkably at high-speed cornering, the prominent grip upfront of P Zero enables to stay on the throttle for a long period.
  • The outer shoulder gets bigger and rigid blocks that boost handling performance in sporty driving conditions on long routes.
  • The P Zero delivers class-leading performance in both dry as well as wet surfaces due to wide contact patch, which also commands better hydroplaning resistance.
  • Its innovative tread pattern is asymmetric which improves its overall performance including braking, handling and control.

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