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145/80 R12  BRIDGESTONE Turanza ER60


Turanza ER60 145/80 R12

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Width 145 Aspect Ratio 80
Rim diameter in inches 12 Load Index 74
Compatible Cars
  • EON(D-Lite, D-Lite +,Era +)
  • ALTO 800 (Alto 800 STD / LXI /Vxi / Lxi Opt CNG)
  • Omni Loading
Warranty Clause
  • Manufacturing Defect
Speed Rating T Tubeless Yes


Turanza ER60 145/80 R12

Bridgestone TURANZA ER60:

Description -

The Bridgestone Turanza ER60 is described as one of the best tyres for receiving performance and durability. The tyres are capable of providing fuel efficiency and comfort even on a bad section of road. It is developed with many latest technological methods to make the ride smooth and safe as well.

  • In addition to the DONUTS technology ER-60 consists of new technologies like Consistent Surface Contact, Racing Car Nose Shaped Pattern, Key Hole Sipes and Flat Force Block which provide superior comfort, handling and wear resistance.
  • ER-60 comes with a wider tread width and the block type pattern gives a strong appearance to the ER-60 pattern. 
  • The shoulder protector and the latest construction technologies used gives high durability.
  • Block type pattern
  • Absorbs road noise
  • Provides a smooth, quiet, and reliable ride

Question 1: What type of tyre is ER60 145/80 R12?

Answer: ER60 145/80 R12 is a tubeless tyre


Question 2: What are the features of tyre ER60 145/80 R12?

Answer: Bridgestone ER60 Features:

  • Excellent comfort.
  • High speed handling.
  • Wide appearance.
  • Long tyre life.
  • Exceptional handling in wet and dry condition.


Question 3: What is load Index and Speed Rating of ER60 145/80 R12 Tyre?

Answer: The load Index and Speed Rating of ER60 145/80 R12 tyre is:

  • Load Index: 74
  • Speed Rating: T

Question 4: 145/80 R12 Tyre Size is compatible with which cars?

Answer: The Cars which are compatible with tyre ER60 145/80 R12 are:

  • EON(D-Lite, D-Lite +,Era +)
  • ALTO 800 (Alto 800 STD / LXI /Vxi / Lxi Opt CNG)
  • Omni Loading


Question 5: What is the warranty for ER60 145/80 R12?

Answer: The warranty for Bridgestone Turanza ER60 145/80 R12 is of 5 Years (Manufacturing defect)


1. This warranty policy is applicable to Bridgestone brand new passenger car & light truck tyres and tubesmanufactured and/or imported by Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd

2. This warranty is valid for original purchaser ol the tyres & tubes and cannot be transferred to any other party.

3. This warranty is only applicable in India.

4. Tyres & Tubes shall be covered under warranty for manufacturing defects only.

5. Tyres & Tubes will be covered for manufacturing defects for a period mentioned below:

From tyre manufacturing date :


(a) Within 3 yearsWarranty Period: Up to 3 years from the date of purchase or till the exposure of treadwear indicators, whichever is earlier, irrespective of kilometre covered

Up to 6 years from date of manufacturing or till the exposure of treadwear indicators, whichever is earlier, irrespective of kilometre covered.

(b) After 3 years: Up to 6 years from date of manufacturing or till the exposure of treadwear indicators, whichever is earlier, irrespective of kilometre covered. 

(At the end of the relevant periods stated above, all warranties, express or implied are terminated)

6. Exposure of tread wear indicators means the original tread worn out to the level of tread wear indicators i.e. at a remaining tread depth of 1.6 mm.

7. In assessing the damage, the final decision after investigation shall be made by authorized representative of Bridgestone India.

8. Claim will be attended only when presented along with the warranty card in original.

9. Liability of Bridgestone India for tyres as having manufacturing defect is limited to the costs of the replacement of the product on a pro-rata basis based on tread wear.

10. The amount to be compensated will be calculated from the degree of wearing. In other words, the so called “ remaining tread depth” measurement system will be applied. 

11. When tube is replaced under warranty it will be on free of charge basis.

12. All claims shall be lodged with the authorized dealer of Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. from whom tyres/tubes are purchased and in case of OE fitment with OE manufacturer or its authorized dealer from whom vehicle is purchased.

13. Bridgestone India accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to tyres which are in the custody or control of an authorised dealer for inspection. 

14. All rejected claimed tyres/tubes if not collected within twenty one days of intimation of rejection to customer will be disposed off. Bridgestone India or authorized dealer will not be liable for any loss after disposal. 

15. Warranty card will not be reisued.

16. All applicable taxes on the new tyre, service charges incurred and cost of mounting and balancing service shall be borne by the customer.

17. All obligation or liabilities for incidental or consequential loss/damage are hereby excluded, including loss of use of vehicle, loss of time or loss or damage caused to any person or property by or arising out of the use of the tyres & tubes.

18.Bridgestone India do not offer warranty on claim of any one of the following categories

(a).Damage to tyres/tubes caused by improper use or storage. 

(b).Tyres of which tread wear indicators(1.6mm height) are exposed.

(c). Tubes used for more than one life span. 

(d). Tyres/tubes which have been repaired or re-capped.  

(e). Improper application of tyres/tubes size and/or specification.  

(t). Tyres/tubes damaged due to vehicle mechanical irregularities or vehicle accident. 

(g). Tyres that have been installed on any vehicle other than the vehicle on which they were originally installed. 

(h). Damage from misalignment,wheel imbalance, defective brakes or shock absorbers, improper inflation, overloadings, improper mounting or demounting, oil or chemical action, fire, use lor racing, tyre alteration, tampering (e g. tampered serial number, size ot tyre, ply rating, etc ), running flat or willul damage or abuse. 

(i). Damage from road hazards e g. cut, impact damage, puncture, snag, bruise, stone drill or bulge. 

(j). Tyres purchased rom unauthorized sellers.

(k). llegally imported lyres.

19. Bridgestone India is not liable for any statement, commitment, promise or agreement made by its dealers,employees or representatives or OEMs binding upon Bridgestone, except as stated herein.

20. Bridgestone India reserves the right to cancel and/or change part and/or the entire warranty policy without notice in advance

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