Best Car Tyre Brands In The Market
Best Car Tyre Brands In The Market

Best Car Tyre Brands In The Market

As Ratnadip Nath said, “The Roads and Tyres have a story of their own, leftover to be explored”. We too create stories when we go for that long drive or for that short trip with our family or when we just drive around the city. And while creating stories, Tyres play a huge part in safety and smooth trip. While we usually focus on Car models for a comfy ride, we ignore the tyre brand and quality and hamper our safety. The wheels are the only part that touches the road when we drive and hence, play a crucial role in our driving. The Indian Tyre Industry is an integral part of the Auto Sector and contributes 3% of manufacturing GDP and the proportion of car-owning families has doubled in the last decade. Selecting the right tyre for your car is needed nowadays especially when you drive on Indian Roads. You can also buy car tyres online from a wide range of options that are usually available to you. While there are many tyre brands you might have heard about, some brands that provide the best quality tires are listed below:


This France based company incorporated in 1889 is a global player in the tyre industry with the reach of more than 170 countries. The brand is a house of tyres for all types of cars, bicycles, and even metro and aeroplanes. The passenger tyres of the brand provide long-lasting tread wear, fuel-efficiency and an exceptional combination of safety. The tyres of the company that are made for SUVs are the perfect balance of performance, safety and comfort. Michelin tyres can also be bought online easily.


Bridgestone tyres, a Japanese tyre manufacturing company is the largest manufacturer of tyres in the world. The company has 180 manufacturing plants and sells its products in more than 150 countries. While the company has completed more than 20 years in India, the tyres offered by Bridgestone have well-balanced performance, comfort and quietness. The company’s Ecopia tyres provide excellent fuel efficiency and the Alenza tyres are best for CUVs and SUVs. With its wide range, the company has secured a topmost place for tyre manufacturers in the world.


Goodyear is a company based in the USA and was established in 1898. The Tyre maker is well known for supplying radials to Formula One Cars and is the most successful in that field. The tyres are equipped with dura wall technology providing superior durability and mileage for both on and off the road. The tyres have a new tread design to minimize interior noise and increases tyre robustness.

  1. MRF Tyre

Madras Rubber Factory, popularly known as MRF is the biggest Indian Tyre manufacturing company which was established in 1946. The company is specialized in passenger car tyres. With its headquarters in Chennai, India, the company is also the king of motorbikes and scooter tyres. This Indian Company exports to around 65 countries and has been passionate for motorsports. The tyres have a superior design which makes them compatible even on wet roads.

  1. APOLLO Tyres

Another Indian Tyre manufacturer established in 1972 is the youngest among many successful tyre brands. The company is known for its affordable pricing and exports to over 100 countries. The Apollo tyres are designed to conquer the toughest of terrains. The tyres are perfect for SUVs to rule the tarmacs, tracks and trails.


This Delhi based company has customers in over 80 countries. The pioneer of radial technology in India, the company offers ultra-performance series of tubeless radials for super-luxury car tyres. It also offers the exceptional handling for premium SUVs and comfortable and reliable tubeless radial for sedans and hatchbacks.

  1. PIRELLI Tyres

As they say, spin those Pirelli tyres on the road & make the mark of presence. Pirelli, the Italian Company is the major tyre provider for Formula One. Founded in 1872, the company is known for its high-end production excellence and cutting-edge technology. For over 40 years in the market, Pirelli tyres are focused on high-value tyres. The company offers tyres for cars, motorbikes and bicycles. With a global reach in over 160 countries, Pirelli is the fifth largest manufacturer of the tyre industry.

  1. YOKOHAMA Tyres

Yokohama, a Japanese company incorporated in 1917 introduced new kinds of tyres in the market such as the snow tyre, the first tubeless tyre and the first steel radial tubeless tyre. Yokohama is known for its appealing look of tyres that please customers and extensive participation in motorsport. The brand also offers a series of tyres with fuel efficiency.


This German company is 150 years old and manufacturers more than just tyres. The company is known for its unparalleled brake system and security system. The efficient handling system makes it the leading OE supplier for car manufacturers in India.

  1. CEAT Tyres

The Mumbai based company is one of the leading tyre manufacturers of India. The company was founded in 1958 and has a strong global dominance as well with six manufacturing plants. The company produces tyres for cars, bikes and even trucks with the delivery of over 100K tyres per day. Purchase car tyres online of CEAT and other brands easily at get them delivered at your doorstep.

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