Why the colour of a tyre is black?

Why the colour of a tyre is black?

When we buy a car, the one thing that we remain curious about is which colour of car should we buy? Will white look classy or will silver suit my personality or should I go for an unconditional colour that will stand out? Right? But that’s not the case when we buy a tyre. While we have a hundred other things to look into a tyre whether it’s offline or online tyre purchase, the one thing that we aren’t given the option for is the colour of our tyre. Ever wondered why you don’t get a different coloured tyre and why it always comes in black? Let us tell you the reason behind it.

Some of us might have been thinking that the tyre is always black because it runs on a muddy road and so it’s better to keep them black to not let them look filthy. But, no that’s not logic.

You might not be aware of it, but there was a time around 125 years ago when tyres used to come in white colour. The core reason behind this was the natural colour of the rubber which is milky white. So, why Black, now? The main cause of a tyre being black is the carbon compound that is present in it. Carbon Black that remoulded the tyre industry decades ago is now the foremost chemical compound in construction of tyres. While Carbon Black gave origin to black colour in the tyre, it is also accountable for several other features that are expected in a tyre. This chemical compound is assorted with the rubber, and the composition turns out to be a source of durability and stability in a tyre. Carbon Black has taken a front seat in the tyre industry because of its capacity to accomplish magnificent durability in a wheel.

Not just this, Carbon Black is also utilized for additional safety while driving as it turns the tyre into its stronger version. It extends the life of the tyre by reducing the friction between the tyre and road and thereby reducing the heat generation. Black tyres also protect the tyres from UV rays and ozone layer for less wear and tear of the tyre and hence ensures the quality of tyre with the support of carbon chemical present in them. While tyres are considered to be one of the most important segments in a vehicle as it is the only part of a vehicle that communicates with the road surface, it is required to ensure that the tyre is durable and trustworthy and hence to achieve that goal, the carbon black compound is necessary for it.

Yes, there was a time when black colour used to seem like a boring one and not that appealing, but the black tyres have changed certainly the perspective and have made it classier and extravagant when put in juxtaposition with other colours. Moreover, it won’t be erroneous to accept that black is the ideal choice for tyres because of the grime that they always tackle. And of course, the colour makes cleaning tyres a tranquil process and above all goes in contrast with every colour on the vehicle.

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