Why is Tyre Balancing required for vehicles?

Considering what kind of vehicle you drive SUV, NUV, Hatchback your tyres should be balanced correctly and intermittently. When you are looking for tyre balancing then you should probably look for tyre shop near me. Now, let’s understand in detail some benefits of tyre balancing.

What is Tyre Balancing?

Tyre balance, also known as tyre unbalance or tyre unbalancing, depicts the distribution of mass inside a car tire or the whole wheel (including the rim) on which it is mounted.

When the wheel rotates, dissymmetry, in its mass distribution may cause it to apply external forces and torques to the axle, which can cause vibrations and this may also cause the steering wheels to vibrate. 

Tyre balancing is different from wheel alignment. Tyre balance is measured in repair shops in two ways: with static balancers and with dynamic balancers. Tyres with large unbalances are downgraded or rejected. When tyres are fitted to wheels, they are measured again on a balancing machine, and correction weights are applied to counteract their combined unbalance. Tyres may be rebalanced if the driver feels excessive vibration.

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Why Tyre Balancing is necessary?

Tyre Balancing is required by every vehicle after every 10000 km. It keeps the tyres from uneven wearing and protects you from unsafe driving. If you are having some issues with your driving you should consult your nearest tyre shop.

Some Benefits of Tyre Balancing:

  1. It will save you from the risky drive
  2. Smooth driving experience
  3. It will protect your tyres from uneven wearing
  4. It will control vibrations on the steering wheel
  5. You will have more control of your vehicle
Indications of unbalanced tyres:

When you are driving at a certain speed and you feel some vibrations in your steering wheel, then it must be due to tyre unbalancing. You must immediately get your tyre balanced to avoid any mishap.

An important tip here is to get your tyres rotated after every 5000 km to keep your tyres and vehicle safe.


So, the best time to check for tyre balancing is after driving through the abrasive road and after you feel vibrations at a certain speed on your steering wheel.

Our personal suggestion is to get your tyres rotated after every 5000 km and get wheel balancing checked after every 10,000 km. So, next time when you feel like there is some problem with your tyres

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