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What damage can pothole impact do to your vehicle?

Potholes impacts and damages:

As spring approaches, potholes are a lot of common on Indian roads. Hitting a pothole is a major problem that you might not consider and can cause a dangerous and costly impact on your vehicle’s safety.

  1. Tyres and rims:

Do you feel a shimmy or wobble while driving. Pothole impact can damage your vehicle rims causing:

  • Rims to bend or crack
  • Tyre leaks
  • Shaking of vehicle
  • Poor handling & steering

And, in extreme cases causing tyres

  • Damage to the casing
  • Damage to the sidewall
  • Can lead to flats

2. Vehicle Suspension

Do you feel a vibration or sway as you drive as your steering is off-center? Long term repetitive pothole wear can have an impact on vehicle suspension.

Throwing your wheel alignment out causing:


  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Steering pull
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  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Suspension damage


  • Steering pull

Unrepaired damage to a vehicle suspension can cause:

  • loss of steering function over time
  • In worst case scenario can separate from the vehicle causing a dangerous driving situation
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3. Vehicle subframe:

Is your vehicle pulling to one side making unusual noises? If the suspension system is already compromised  the vehicle frame may suffer as well causing:

  • Damaged or bent
  • Ongoing maintenance & safety issues

You can reduce your potential damage with preparations

  1. Check your tyre pressure

Properly inflated tyres can hold up better against potholes

  1. Have your suspension checked

Get your suspension checked by a certified technician. Wheel alignment issues can cause uneven tyre wear leading to an early replacement,  impacting your wallet

  1. Be cautious of puddles

What might look like a bit of water would be a deep sharp-edged pothole lurking below

  1. Avoid becoming complacent

Small potholes can become large hazards quickly

So, drive carefully and get your vehicle inspected regularly to avoid damage during pothole season.

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