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How To Read Tyre Sidewall Markings?

Tyre markings:

How can I check the size of my tyres ? What tire parameter do I have to pay attention to when buying? Basic questions, that many people ask themselves when buying new tires.

In the image mentioned above:

A = 205 ( i.e Tyre Width in mm)

B= 55 ( i.e Aspect Ratio in %)

C= R16( i.e Rim Diameter in inches)

D= 91( i.e Load Index)

E= V ( i.e Speed Rating)

Tyre Labelling:

Tyres are usually labeled with certain information. This tyre labeling is standardized and among other things, it indicates the speed index, brand, tyre size, and date of production(dot number). However, only a very few data can be read easily, others are ” technically coded” in various ways.

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Tyre Size Explained:

Tyre Size 165/80 R14 explained in detail

The first number refers to the tyre width in millimeters followed by the tyre tread as a percentage related to the width-for calculating the height of the tyre. In this sample, 80 percent is the aspect ratio and 165 mm is tyre width. The letter R indicates a radial tyre and at the end, you’ll find the wheel diameter in inches. It corresponds to the rim size which is best suited for this tire.

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